Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Two More Teens Trust Christ @ WORD Scavenger Hunt

Friday, September 12th, 20008. The day had been completely soaked with rain off and on, making me wonder if we were even going to be able to attempt a scavenger hunt in our community. My idea of thinking only about 12 people were coming to the event already had left me in a somewhat dreary mood, wishing more would attend.

Very shortly, about 30 minutes before I left my house to begin picking up teenagers for the event, I started getting several phone calls from people letting me know each was bringing a friend to the event. Suddenly, the number of 12 doubled in just a few short moments. I was excited. The rain had finally stopped and gave us a cool and pleasant evening for our event to take place.

I arrived well ahead of time for the event. We had a total of 5 people driving including myself and it looked like we were in for a blast. 24 teens in total had shown up for this scavenger hunt. Frankly, this was only the 2nd time we've attempted to do such a thing and I was praying things would go smoothly and everyone would have a good time.

I divided up the names and set up the proverbial "hat" by which to draw names. Teams were split up and made, and then the rules began to be established. After a quick word of prayer, we split up and the game began. Two hours of running all over the county looking for specific things by which pictures needed to be taken. It was a blast. Everyone was having a good time.

After we all got back, the pizza shortly arrived. I must say, I've never seen pizza disappear so fast. Nine pizzas disappearing into thin air (teenage stomachs rather) in all of five minutes. That very well maybe be some kind of a record somewhere, of course I'm too lazy to look and find out.

We always like to take the time to have a devotion and some good singing, and this event was no exception. We showed a skit we've seen performed by a sister church in Cold Springs, KY. Their youth group performed it and we felt the need to learn it ourselves. So after showing the video of this skit, we then had some time for singing, and I followed things up with a gospel presentation in the form of a devotion called "Having A Bad Day?" based on the life of Joseph.

After the presentation was over, being concluded by prayer, a couple of our teens spent some time trying to talk to those they believed were not saved that had joined us for the event. One was unwilling to talk, but the other one was very open. His name is Travis. He, according to his testimony, had accepted Christ as His Lord and Savior that night through the message. I was very excited.

However, that's not where this youth event ends. Although the youth event was over, seeds of evangelism were still being spread, especially in the heart of one young girl named Miranda. I spoke with her a little bit the following day online, clearly doing my dead-level best to present the gospel to her so that she would understand her need for salvation. She was interested.

She wanted to know what to do to accept Christ as her Savior. Now I was excited. After Sunday morning church, I took her back to my office with another one of our young ladies in our youth group and presented the Gospel to her from the word of God. She bowed her head and that morning accepted Christ as her Savior. What an amazing weekend. I can't believe how God's been using fun events like scavenger hunts and video game nights to help us lead souls to Christ. Praise the Lord for what he is doing in our youth group and I pray that things will continue to grow and God's name will be honored and glorified in WORD Youth.

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